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Garagemaid Garage Storage

Garage storage is something every home owner must come to terms with at some point. Our lives are just smack full of stuff. Stuff that has to go somewhere. Even though it's stuff that we hardly ever use or really even need, we just seem to keep hanging on to it year after year. Of course, there are lots of things we do need to access and use on a regular, albeit infrequent, basis. For example, Christmas does come around every year, so those boxes and boxes of decorations have to be accessible and ready to rock 'n roll when it's time to deck the halls. And all that sports and fishing equipment can't be buried somewhere when you need it. Lucky for home owners, effective do-it-yourself garage storage solutions are available from companies like Garagemaid. Consider the following:

Garagemaid has innovative garage storage systems that utilize interlocking connectors that are designed into each part. This means that there is no need to fuss with little fasteners that often just make assembly frustrating. The interlocking connectors add a lot of stability to the units, while at the same time making installation and assembly a snap. Once the unit is put together it's just a matter of attaching it to the studs of the wall for a great garage storage system.

One of the nice things about Garagemaid products is that they are made out of a high density polyethylene so it is virtually impervious to problems that often arise from wood products when they get wet. With high density polyethylene, things like rot, rust, or cracking are avoided all together. It is an easily cleanable product that doesn't have to be painted to look good.

Finally, the modular aspect of this system allows a variety of combinations that allow a more custom fit for your garage storage needs. You might start out with their basic storage cabinet that measures 84" tall x 22" wide. This has four adjustable shelves and a door on the upper part of the cabinet. The bottom part allows you to use up to four optional drawers. If you need additional garage storage you can just purchase additional shelves or even other cabinets with which it can be combined. This ability to customize really lets you get your storage just the way you want it in your garage space.

If you just need hooks for tools or other items you want to store on a wall, they also make a slat wall "workstation" kit with hooks. This unit is 42" wide x 39" tall. The kit includes 14 storage hooks that just snap securely into the slat wall where you want them. There is also a 4" x 24" storage basket that is designed to be used with the slat wall. These baskets are perfect for storing small items. The baskets have clear fronts so it's easy to see what is inside. These don't require any assembly. Just snap it in place and that's it!

By combining the different styles of cabinets, slat wall kit, hooks, and baskets together anyone can design and implement their own customized garage storage solution in minutes. Then you will be able to find anything you need at any time.


Eco-Friendly Flooring Options

There are several types of eco-friendly flooring that are easily accessible to homeowners throughout the US. Eco-friendly or sustainable flooring is not only good for the environment; it's also good for you and our family.

Bamboo is a fast growing grass. It is a short kind of grass with a quick and short growing cycle. It quickly reaches maturity and replenishes itself, making it an extremely sustainable flooring option. Bamboo is strong and durable. It is stronger than many hardwood floors. It's available in a variety of colors, including earth tones and caramelized colors. Bamboo flooring is also water-resistant, making it a great bathroom flooring option. It is slightly less expensive than hardwood flooring.

Cork comes from the bark of the cork oak tree which can be stripped every 10 years without harm to the tree. Cork has some great characteristics: It is durable, provides thermal and acoustical insulation and is rot and fire resistant. It also has a soft texture, making it very comfortable to stand on. Many cork floors are guaranteed for 15 years when they have been layered with a UV-cured acrylic. Cork flooring does not require professional installation.

Natural Linoleum
Natural linoleum is made from linseed oil and pine resin, which are natural, renewable resources. Unlike conventional linoleum flooring, natural linoleum does not contain harmful VOCs and other toxic chemicals. It has some great qualities, including stain resistance, water resistance and durability. Homeowners should be aware that natural linoleum floors have a distinct smell of linseed oil which may irritate some sensitive people. However, there are other health benefits to installing natural linoleum including that , it's asthma and allergy-friendly too in that it's easy to clean and does not attract dust.

Wool Carpets
Wool carpets provide an eco-friendly carpeting option for those who like carpet but do not want to harm the environment. The production of most synthetic carpets produces toxic fumes resulting from the petroleum-based ingredients and volatile organic compounds (VOC's) used in their production. Wool is a sustainable, natural resource which makes it an eco-friendly choice. It is also 100% biodegradable. Many wool carpets are made with a natural jute backing.

Recycled Rubber Tiles
Recycled rubber floor tiles are a fantastic flooring option. This flooring type is considered eco-friendly not only because it is recycled, but also because it uses very little energy to produce. Rubber flooring is especially favored by families with young children for several reasons: They are sound absorbent, durable, stain-resistant, easy to clean and easy to install.


6 Manufacturers of Garage Flooring

Besides there being a variety of types of garage flooring available today, there are also a handful of top garage flooring manufacturers. Lets take a look at who they are, in alphabetical order, and what type of flooring they specialize in making.

  1. Better Life Technology. BLT makes two main types of garage flooring. Roll-out floor coverings and peel and stick tiles. The roll-out floors come in a variety of widths, lengths, patterns and colors. They boast making the widest roll-out floor on the market today. The colors available are clear, gray, blue, black, sandstone, forest green and brick red. Available patterns include ribbed, coin, levant and diamond. These floors are really easy to install, they cover up old, ugly concrete, they provide cushioning, are durable, and they also channel liquids out of your garage.

    Their peel and stick flooring comes in 24" squares and is also very easy to install. It comes in a couple of patterns and three colors: gray, white and black. This allows you to create a "race day" checker pattern in your garage.
  2. Gladiators Garage Works is a company that specializes in customizing your garage, from full wall systems, to work benches, cabinets, appliances and garage flooring. They are really known for the durability of all their products. Their flooring system is a cushioned, interlocking tile. A variety of colors are also available, including black, gray, blue and red; as well various patterns. With a Gladiator floor, you can also purchase special drain floor tiles so that your shop drain is still accessible. Also, to avoid tripping when stepping onto the tiles (if you do not have it wall to wall), Gladiator makes special tapered edged tiles for a smooth transition.
  3. NewAge VersaTile is another high quality, interlocking tile system. They boast that they use a revolutionary button lock system that creates a seamless, water resistant design. Also available in a variety of colors, tiles are 18" square. With a variety of colors available, you can create a unique flooring pattern!
  4. Norsk-Stor is yet another company that makes an interlocking garage flooring tile. Something unique that they boast is a patent pending Air-Dry system that allows moisture trapped under the tiles to flow out from underneath the tiles so that it can evaporate. Also available in various colors and patterns, tiles are about 18" square. One nice thing about a tile floor, regardless of the manufacturer, is that if there is damage to the flooring, you only have to replace the damaged tiles, not the entire garage flooring system.
  5. Ulti-Mate is another snap together tile, in a variety of colors and patterns. They are tested and certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and are designed to withstand the toughest mechanical environments and household and shop chemicals. Their tiles are 12" square, and they also sell special edging if needed.
  6. Versatile garage flooring is a chip and flake epoxy based, roll on rock surface that is very tough and durable. Though a lot more work intensive to apply, the finish is amazing and very professional looking. Some of their systems can be applied in as little as three hours (not including prep time), and it really gives your garage floor new life.
As you can see, there a few garage flooring systems available and even more manufacturers. If you want to protect your new garage floor, or give life to an old one, all of these systems offer a great alternative. Choose the one that you like best and that will work for your needs, and go for it!


How To Secure Your Mailbox From Would Be Thieves

With the holidays upcoming fast and the mail being so busy right before holiday season you will see that many home owners and people get a lot of offers from places to come and get stuff because of sales. All they require you to do is fill out your personal info on the card and return it in the mail.

You need to be careful when you are having mail sent to the home in which you are living in. people will watch for your mail to come and then snatch it before you can so they can get all your personal info and steal your identity to have their own Christmas. When or if you have this problem in the area you live in you are in need of home mailbox security. Many times if you don't have this then your mail might get stolen and you could have a very bad day or week ahead of you.

If you have a mailbox then you need to take some action to protect it. You need to stop just receiving your mail and actually protect it for once in a while. You will need to get some home mailbox security. So go have a gander at what home security places have to offer for your mailbox. You may be surprised at how cheap and convenient these things can be for you.

Many homeowners will go get the mail and just get it right out of the mailbox. Now how simple do you think that is for an identity thief. All they have to do is make sure that either you are not home or nobody is watching and then they run up snatch your mail and run off. The only things they need are a small piece of your mail and a bit of your personal info which isn't hard to get when you are stealing peoples mail.

You need to have your home security have some type of monitor on your mailbox if you have had problems with your mail in the past. If you haven't had problems in the past with your mail being touched then you might be okay for a little while. You do need to take action though and be sure that nobody is touching your mail because it only takes one thief and one time to mess up your holiday season. One thief could be in rich area and not even know it and steal your mail and ruin your whole year. They will charge your credit cards to the max and send all the stuff they buy with them to so called business partners who are not aware of their many crimes that they have done. Once those things arrive with the people who are unaware of the crime they then send the things that are stolen to another location. It isn't hard for a thief to ruin your holiday season at all. All they need is a little piece of your mail and they are set.


Electric Power Cordless Tools - What A Great Invention

Almost all the households and factories use power tools extensively for construction and repair purposes. This is mainly done to increase the efficiency, speed and ease. A vast majority of the power tools available in the market today use electric motors as their source of power and hence are also commonly known as electric power tools.

Power tools are basically of two types- stationary and portable. The stationary power tools are mostly heavy and big and are difficult to be moved from one place to another. On the other hand, the portable power tools can be easily carried from one place to another and hence are more popular. Portable power tools are also more cost-effective, easy to handle and need small shelf place when compared with stationary power tools.

The vast range of power tools available in the stores can sometimes overwhelm and confuse a person. It is very important to have a proper understanding of one's own needs to select the right power tools which will best perform the task at hand. The use of that particular power tool in the minor repairs and projects at home in the long run should also be considered.

A combination of a drill and a driver is a handheld power tool which allows the user to drill a hole and anchor the wall at the same time. A circular saw is another power tool which is famous for its effectiveness among users and can easily slash surfaces of any nature, be it metal, wood or sand stone.

A Jigsaw is one of the most highly rated power tools as it has been tested by experienced users for long to find it very handy and useful. A jigsaw can be used quite effectively for slitting of spiky curves, points as well as intricate curves which demand attention to details. The power tool which is used to stiffen and loosen nuts and bolts in every day chores is an Impact wrench. The use of a good impact wrench saves a person from the trouble of constant stiffening and tightening of nuts and bolts which tend to loosen with time. An effective impact wrench makes sure that the nuts and bolts are tightened effectively in the first attempt. If you want a thin groove in the wall, then wall chaser is the best power tools for you. And, if you are looking at softening the corners and coarse edges of wood, then it is better to go for a power sander.

A nail gun makes the task of putting nails in wood much easier than expected. People who build homes for a living wouldn't even think of trying to build a house without using a nail gun, it just makes the whole process so much faster and easier.

It is better to understand the needs of your task properly before determining on the power tools which will suit your needs best.


A Safe History of Locks

Though the actual history of safes may not be very long, the main component and perhaps one of the most important parts of a safe has been, and that is the lock. It is hard to say when locks were first invented because there is not always a written history, and because of the materials used when locks were made, there are not very many still around today. However, there is evidence that many different civilizations developed locks independently of each other, among them being the Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese and Romans. But one neat thing about old locks, is that they are the building blocks upon which today's technology has been built. The locks have evolved, but many of the principles are the same on a modern day safe.

The oldest known lock is credited to the ancient Egyptians and is about 4000 years old. It was discovered in Persia in 1842. This first lock uses the same pin tumbler system that is still used on many safe models today. The Egyptian lock had a wood crossbeam that was partially hollowed out, and a vertical beam with metal tumblers that locked the two pieces together. It was unlocked using a large wooden spoon shaped key that was about 14" - 24" long with pegs sticking out of one end. There was actually a hole in the door which you had to stick your arm through with the key to access the tumblers. If the key was inserted correctly, the pegs on the key would line up with the tumblers allowing you to move the crossbeam and open the door. These locks were used on full size doors to protect strong rooms which were used for storing valuables, food or whatever needed safe guarding. So the same basic reasons you may have a safe today, just on a much larger scale.

We know that the Greeks had early locks because of a description by Homer in "The Odysseus" from around 800 B.C. It refers to someone getting a brass key to open a store room, it describes the the lock as follows: "She loosed the strap from the handle of the door, put in the key, and drove it straight home to shoot back the bolts that held the doors." Doors is plural because most Greek doors were two doors that opened from the center. These doors were typically tied together with a rope using intricate knots, and then the door was bolted from the inside. This type of lock was not very secure because after removing the rope, a few attempts with a couple of different key designs often opened the door.

The Romans started with a similar design but improved it by using an iron case around the bolt work, making the bolt spring loaded and the use of wards. A ward lock uses a set of obstructions that stopped the lock from opening without the correct key, which would have corresponding notches to slide past the obstructions - this concept is still used today for many household doors. If you look at a skeleton key, you can tell from the notches the size and number of obstructions inside the lock. The Chinese are also credited with inventing the ward lock, so it is one of those types of things with dual development in two different parts of the world. The ward lock also lent itself well to the first portable safe, often called strong boxes in mediaeval Europe.

Other than more complicated ward locks, there was not a huge development in security until the eighteenth century in England when incentives were offered to anyone who could develop an unpickable lock. We have seen huge improvement in locks, security and the development of the modern safe since then, but even these improvements were founded upon the same basic principles as used in ancient times.


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